Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Zines

So, if you recall the 80's and 90's, one of the staples were those hand written, photocopied and staple bound bits of personal excitement known as zines. Typically focused around music and social politics, these were what you might call handcrafted paper blogs.

Today, now with the advent of the internet, blogs, RSS, social media, digital imagine software, desktop publishing, itunes and so many other technological advances, zines, as they were intended initially are sort of archaic. This doesn't mean they've gone away though. There are plenty of people creating some really fascinating zines with directives sometimes much different from their predecessors. What we're most interested in is the host of art, design, illustration and photo zines that have taken up residence not only on the shelves of mom and pop book stores but all over the internet as well. The Detroit Wallpaper Co. certainly enjoys not only the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into these works, but the effort to conceive create and self distribute the material, much like we do with our wallpaper collections. Take a look at some of these great looking examples:

Instamatics by Glitterbrain
Please Be Brave by dethpsun

Please Be Brave by dethpsun
Endangered Species by Helen Entwisle

Through DIY distribution channels such as Etsy, and home printing becoming more and more impressive, as well as economical, these DIY published works of art are becoming more prevalent as well as more lavish. For an easy look through a large library of what's available, look no further than Etsy's own Art Zine section.

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