Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Detroit Based Businesses We Love

We at The Detroit Wallpaper Company are very proud of where we come from. The Detroit area of Michigan has so many great things to offer, and one of those things is a serious assembly of some very talented and successful businesses. We'd like to give a shout to just a few of the players, that inspire not just us, but our city and everyone who they touch.

Detroit Scroll

From the website:

When growing up in Bay City, Michigan, I often went with my mother to antique shops in the area, searching for treasures. Early on, I developed a deep love and appreciation for antiques; especially those that are unusual and unique, or have historical significance. As an adult, I am still drawn to antique shops, estate sales, garage sales, and occasionally to 'curb side shopping'. I am always on the look out for items of unusual shape, color, and texture to repurpose as artwork or decoration.
While browsing a flea market in a Detroit suburb, a favorite antique dealer; one who never disappoints with his seemingly endless supply of oddities, had an original, intact bus roll sign dating back to 1949. SOLD!  I couldn't wait to get it home. As I cranked through the scroll and saw all the Detroit locations, I knew instantly what I wanted to do. That was to create high quality reproductions to frame and display, so that others can appreciate and enjoy the memory and nostalgia of their favorite places in Detroit.
They are now displayed at various locations around the city, and I've been amazed by the stories that people have shared with me, reminiscing about their favorite Detroit places, past and present.
Still trying to pick a favorite and it's just too hard...enjoy!

Pure Detroit

From the Website:

Welcome to Pure Detroit. We are more than just a company with Detroit in its name. Pure Detroit has grown from the ground up, thanks to community support for over 12 years. The first Pure Detroit store opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1998 in the David Whitney Building (architect: Daniel Burnham, 1915) on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.
Since then, Pure Detroit has grown to three locations, each located in landmark Detroit buildings: The Fisher Building (architect: Albert Kahn, 1928), the Guardian Building (architect: Wirt Rowland, 1929) and GM Renaissance Center (architect: John Portman, 1973). 

Through the years, Pure Detroit has continually reinvested in the city, by launching new Detroit-based businesses such as: the Rowland Cafe, Stella International Cafe, and Vera Jane - a women's specialty store. Pure Detroit is also involved with numerous Detroit residential, neighborhood and urban development projects.

Pure Detroit's mission is multi-faceted. As urbanists, we strive to help create vibrant ground-level retail activity in downtown Detroit. As proprietors, we seek to provide a touching point for residents and visitors to the city for Detroit's rich history and contemporary culture.

In addition, Pure Detroit focuses on amping up local culture and vitality through our intimate candlelight acoustic concerts, cultural series, jazz music series, book readings and signings, fashion scholarships and mini-grants, art exhibits and commissions, city event sponsorships, benefit sponsorships and for seven years, the Pure Detroit music stage.

Detroit Mercantile Company

From the Website:

The Detroit Mercantile Co. is a store that celebrates our shared past while introducing our customers to new products. Like the mercantile and general stores of the past, we strive to find the highest quality products from our city, our state, and across the country.


While all three of The Detroit Mercantile Co. owners have resided in other places during our lives, Detroit has always been where we’ve found life at its most vibrant. We are Midwesterners to the very core; hard-working, coney-dog eating, Stroh’s-drinking folk who can show where we live by pointing at the soft fleshy part of our palms.


Robert is fourth-generation Detroiter who His great-grandfather migrated here from Poland to work at the Ford Model T assembly plant.

The creator of the original Made In Detroit logo and brand, current owner of Detroit Manufacturing – Robert has defined what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve, or back, or chest. His love of the City of Detroit is unequaled.


Lifelong residents of the Detroit area, and avid collectors of unique vintage items for years, they established Jameson Hard Goods in 2010 as a way to celebrate our home state of Michigan and its first city, Detroit.

The Jameson’s seek out unusual pieces that won’t find at the mall. Spending many nights per year in their Airstream criss-crossing the state, they have developed a deep love for every corner of Michigan. From Detroit to Manistee and Grand Rapids to Newberry – they discover all the gems that the Mitten State has to offer.

Vera Jane

From the Website:

Handbags, superfine undergarments + refashioned vintage jewelry. Located in Detroit's exquisite Fisher Building lobby.


From the Website:

French Inspired Restaurant and Bar featuring small plates, specialty cocktails, and great french wines with an amazing view of the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

Friday night dancing! Jazz Saturday Nights at 9PM! 

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